More of Our Board Members

  • Ann Collins

    Perinatal Nurse Coordinator
    Ann has served on the Board since 2019

    Statement Profession/Employment: Perinatal Nurse Coordinator, Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health Services, Maternal and Child Health Section. Through work as the Perinatal Nurse Coordinator she is a member and participant in the work of the Governor's Perinatal Substance Exposure Taskforce and a member of the NH HomeVisiting Task Force.

    Roles on Board (Committees/Offices): New board member 2019 who has participated in the Public Outreach Committee over the past year.

    Why IMH matters to me: An infant and child's mental health and relationships begin the formation of the adult person that they will become. The opportunity to bring education and attention to the importance of this subject is an honor.

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  • Kassie Eafrati, MA, NHECFMHC-Intermediate

    Kassie has served on the Board since 2017

    Statement Profession/Employment: Kassie works for Northern Human Services (NHS) as the Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Program Director, a certified Early Childhood Educator for NHS Family Centered Early Supports and Services, and a credentialed Program Consultant working with the Preschool Technical Assistance Network (PTAN). She has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Child Development. Kassie is also a Trauma Informed Early Childhood Services Highly Qualified Consultant (TIECS-HQC) working with a statewide team.

    Roles on Board (Committees/Offices): Kassie currently serves on the Training and Education committee.

    Why IMH matters to me: "Infant Mental Health matters to me because my passion is to help children and families to be successful, functioning, HAPPY members of our communities. This begins and ends with their mental health."

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  • Joanne Kawecki

    BA in psychology
    Joanne has served on the Board since 2018

    Statement Profession/Employment: Director of Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Program

    Roles on Board (Committees/Offices): Board Member

    Why IMH matters to me: Our young people are our future. I've been working in mental health for the last 14 years with children and families and I have seen their struggles. We need to start with these families and children and give them the best opportunities as possible - through social emotional learning, informed parenting practices, community supports, and access to the wealth of knowledge available.

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  • Ryan Marchand

    Ryan has served on the Board since 2019

    Statement Profession/Employment: Ryan is a Family Support Specialist with Healthy Families America (CAP), an organization that aids families in nurturing connection prenatally and beyond, providing home visits, information, and resource connection for families in Belknap County.

    Roles on Board (Committees/Offices):

    Why IMH matters to me: So little can effect so much. Understanding an infant's needs and development is such an important piece of both parents' and babies' wellbeing through a lifetime- I am always learning more, and I want to work to reduce barriers for families, so they can begin to know their babies and know themselves. When families of all types (including moms, dads, grandparents, and beyond) begin building their awareness of early child development, everybody benefits.

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  • Ellyn Schreiber, LMHC, ECFMHC-Advanced RPC

    Ellyn has served on the Board since 2001

    Statement Profession/Employment: Ellyn has worked in the fields of mental health and early intervention for more than 20 years. She is currently the Director of the Children's Intervention Program at Riverbend Community Mental Health Center. Prior to this position, she worked as Director of Early Supports and Services at Community Bridges and a Children's Mental Health Director for a community mental health center. She is the Project Director for the NH Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Credentialing Project. Ellyn holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Infant Mental Health.

    Roles on Board (Committees/Offices): Knowledge and Education Committee Chair

    Why IMH matters to me: "I have a deep commitment to Early Childhood Mental Health because I believe that when we support families and parent-child relationships, we truly make a difference. We can help families be healthier and happier, and raise children who are healthier and happier. I believe that healthy attachment and a strong beginning is key to individual happiness, rewarding personal relationships and societal success."

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