Report On Infant Mental Health Services in NH

Saturday, June 27, 2009 5:41 PM EDT

An important new report — “Mental Health Services for New Hampshire’s Young Children and Their Families: Planning to Improve Access and Outcomes” — offers a first-time view of the mental health of New Hampshire’s youngest citizens and the services available to support them.

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Endowment for Health Grant Received!

Community Bridges in partnership with The New Hampshire Association for Infant Mental Health, (NHAIMH), is pleased to announce the recent award of funding for “NH's Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Competencies, a professional development frame work for those working with children under six and their families”.

This project, funded, by the Endowment for Health, builds the recent work of the NHAIMH in developing Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Competencies for service providers who work with young children and their families, including early intervention providers, mental health counselors, home visitors, teachers, child welfare workers and child care providers. The work of this project will include:
• Assisting hundreds of professionals from these various disciplines in assessing their level of competence in core areas for the purposes of professional development,
• Developing preferred competence profiles for various types of service providers,
• Providing data on NH’s progress in supporting a more competent early childhood and mental health workforce and
• Beginning to lay the foundation for a voluntary credentialing system in early childhood mental health in NH.

This project will be led by Ellyn Schreiber, Director of Early Childhood Services at Community Bridges, past president of the NHAIMH. An advisory group of key stake holders and leaders in the early childhood and mental health fields will be developed to guide and support the work of the project.

For more information, contact Ellyn Schreiber at 225-4153 x 278


National Movement for America's Children

Listening Sessions have been scheduled state wide.  Attend to help develop a national strategic plan for America's children.  Let your voice be heard!  For more information, contact NH Children's Trust at 224-1279.