Board Activities

NHAIMH members should review the Annual Meeting Business Items that will be voted on:

NHAIMH has been busy. Here are some of the activities we have been recently or are currently involved in.

The Board completed an extensive research project, “Mental Health Services for NH’s Young Children and their Families: Planning to Improve Access and Outcomes."

To download and/or print the full report, click here.

Click here to view the Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Competencies.

 The Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Core Competency Profiles and Self-Identified Professional Development Goals Among Staff Serving Young Children 2013 final report is now available - click here!

The report provides specific information regarding ecfmhc competence and self-identified goals for NH; across all child serving fields of employment and across regions within the state. It provides specific recommendations for further evaluation and for workforce development. I am very excited to continue the work of this project, including gathering more information and providing deeper analysis, continuing to collaborate with other competency projects in NH and developing  an Early Childhood and Family Mental Health credential in NH.

A chart which summarizes work force competence and self-identified goals by provider type has been uploaded - click here!

NHAIMH is very excited to open the Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Intermediate and Advanced Credentials!  New Page on website is ready to go!

 Early Childhood Mental Health: What's Happening in NH - click here for the NHAIMH PowerPoint presentation to the Children's Behavioral Health Strategic Planning Collaborative (Jan 2011).